Our PGE Dual Degree

Belonging to a large network of partners, such as HERMES and SCRIBE 21, allows us to develop agreements with universities all over the world and offer you our flagship PGE master’s degree in the form of a dual degree.

Our PGE Dual Degree - EM Strasbourg

PGE Dual Degree
At the end of the exchange year at EM Strasbourg and after completing your studies at your home university, you obtain a diploma from EM Strasbourg and your home university. During this one-year exchange, you will be able to choose the specialization that corresponds to your career objectives.
Courses will be given in French or English depending on the chosen specialization.


Specializations Offered



Some Practical Information to Help You Get a Clearer Picture!

You must have an undergraduate degree before your arrival in Strasbourg. 


Language Requirements
Level B2 in the language of instruction (English or French) is strongly recommended.
Courses in French as a foreign language (from beginner to upper-intermediate level) are included in the program of study and will allow you to develop your language skills quickly.

Nomination and Application Procedures
Interested in our Programme Grande École dual degree? Contact your home university, which can provide you with information on the nomination and application procedures. Only partner universities can nominate students for an exchange program at EM Strasbourg. The School cannot accept direct applications. 

  • For programs beginning in the fall semester, nominations are accepted until May 31.

  • For programs beginning in the spring semester, nominations are accepted until October 31. 

A coordinator from your home university can nominate students on the following platform: Nomination and application platform

Grades and Credit Transfer
EM Strasbourg Business School uses the French grading system, which ranges from 0 to 20, with 20 being the highest grade. To validate a set of courses, you will have to obtain at least 10/20.
Grade conversion to other grading systems is carried out by your home university.

Take a look at the grading scale used at EM Strasbourg.


Practical information sheets:



A Team Dedicated to International Students
In order to support you with your university exchange plans, we have created the International Relations Office. Our team will advise you during your stay in Strasbourg and help you find your place in your new academic, social, and cultural environment. 


Come and meet us: 
Building B, office B109

  • Open every morning from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Afternoon by appointment only

Contact us

  • sri-incoming@em-strasbourg.eu