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EM Strasbourg Business School is involved in many academic and professional associations at the local, national, and international levels. 

Our Networks - EM Strasbourg

The School asserts its unique character through its membership in the two prestigious business school networks in France: the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) and the national Network of Business Administration Institutes (IAE Network). This feature can be explained by our School’s historical attachment to the University of Strasbourg, which today allows us to benefit from its advantages. 


Overview of the Networks


CGE (Conférence des Grande Écoles)

The CGE (Conférence des Grandes Écoles) is an association of engineering, management, and multiple or specific higher education institutions, all recognized by the state, delivering a nationally recognized degree certifying at least five years of study after the French baccalaureate and conferring a master’s degree. Its members also include companies, alumni associations, and organizations.


IAEs (Instituts d’Administration des Entreprises) are business schools that are part of French universities. Their mission is to develop research and higher education in management within universities. IAE France currently brings together 35 institutions, more than 52,000 students per year, and 530,000 graduates, thus representing a very significant part of the provision of public higher education in administration and management.



The Alsace Tech network brings together the 14 major engineering, architecture, and business schools based in Alsace. It has several projects that allow students at EM Strasbourg to stand out:

  • the Alsace Tech company recruitment fair organized every year in the fall;
  • the engineer-manager project, which enables graduates in engineering and architecture to obtain the Master of Business Management and Administration for Engineers–Alsatech in an accelerated manner;
  • the manager-engineer course set, which makes students in Programme Grande Ecole at EM Strasbourg aware of engineering practices;
  • the Alsace Tech Innovons Ensemble competition, where students create innovative companies.



In 2012, EM Strasbourg became a member of the AFMD (French Association of Diversity Managers). The goal of this association, which brings together companies, public services, business schools, and universities, is to propose concrete and pragmatic solutions on different topics related to not only transforming managerial functions and preventing discrimination in the workplace, but also disseminating innovative actions to integrate diversity within organizations.



Universities, IAEs, leading business schools, and companies work together within the FNEGE (French Foundation for Management Education). This foundation, which EM Strasbourg is a member of, offers institutions a range of services, such as aptitude tests for selecting students, seminars for doctoral students and management lecturers, assistance with recruiting professors, etc. It regularly organizes forums which encourage debates on themes of common interest.



The European Foundation for Management Development is a Brussels-based European association that promotes information, research, exchange, and debate on innovation and best practices in management. It issues accreditations to schools that demonstrate a high level of quality in their educational and administrative principles, as well as a strong desire to internationalize their activities. The EFMD awards the EQUIS institutional accreditation and the EPAS program accreditation.



The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business was founded in 1916 on the initiative of several American colleges with the aim of distinguishing, by awarding their institutional accreditation, institutions that provide management and/or business programs and demonstrate their commitment to the continuous improvement of their educational policy.



The Association of MBAs & the Business Graduates Association focus on management teaching at the master's, MBA, and DBA levels. The BGA was founded in 1967 in the United Kingdom on the initiative of eight graduates. Originally, the association's purpose was to improve the quality and number of postgraduate business schools before specializing in MBAs from the 1980s onwards. Since 2019, the association offers a dedicated accreditation for programs of study (AMBA) and an institutional accreditation (BGA) based on the evaluation of continuous improvement, impact, and responsible management.



Principles for Responsible Management Education

PRME is a voluntary initiative with 650 signatories from leading business schools around the world. Supported by the United Nations, it aims to give students the tools and knowledge to make the changes necessary to help society evolve.

PRME is a global movement that is divided into regional bodies or chapters.  EM Strasbourg is part of the France-Benelux Chapter, an interschool working group that meets to promote sustainable development in the education sector through collaborative initiatives and the sharing of best practices.


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