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Master in European Management Studies

The Master of European Management Studies is a Franco-German dual degree program co-directed by EM Strasbourg Business School and ESB Business School Reutlingen University. The two-year study track is intended for students who want to acquire valuable knowledge in European and specifically Franco-German cross-border management. Students will gain outstanding language skills and professional experience during intensive periods of internships and on-site training missions, thus becoming very quickly operational in international business.

Recruitment level: graduate
Type of diploma: Master's

Study period : 2 academic years (23 months)
Next session  : oct. 2020


The Master's program provides students with valuable knowledge in European and specifically Franco-German cross-border management. Courses are taught in English, German and French, and seek to introduce students to the fundamentals of management, economics and law.
The program therefore allows students to:
  • possess the knowledge and skills needed to identify and analyze specific management issues relating to a Franco-German or international economic context
  • be capable of devising solutions to resolve problems and of applying appropriate tools in the different fields of management
  • be capable of developing, implementing and leading projects in a Franco-German/intercultural environment
  • be aware of Franco-German/international styles of communication (language, non-verbal communication, culture, etc.) and be able to adapt accordingly
  • effectively communicate in oral and written exchanges in the three working languages (French, German and English)
  • be capable of using information technologies in an international environment


  • ARTE
  • Bosch
  • Daimler
  • Gaggenau
  • Hager
  • Merck
  • Sanofi
  • Siemens
  • SNCF
  • Technology & Strategy
Prospective students
The program is primarily geared towards students with academic backgrounds other than business administration (i.e. engineering, natural sciences, law, foreign languages, cultural and communication studies…). Therefore no previous knowledge in management is required.
Selection and application procedures
Entry requirements:
  • Bachelor degree or any other diploma with an equivalent of 180 ECTS
  • Fluent French, English and German (minimum B2 level required)
700 € (for both year)
  • Stage 1: Review of student application: Verification of prior post-secondary education and prerequisites
  • Stage 2: Individual interview conducted by a panel of professors from both institutions in French, English and German
The Master’s program being a non-specialized track primarily conceived for students without knowledge in business administration, career prospects cover responsibilities in all areas of management (human resources manager, marketing manager, logistics manager, import/export manager, strategy manager, Franco-German/international consultant).
Laurent Warth
Téléphone : +33 (0)3 68 85 88 45
Email : laurent.warth@em-strasbourg.eu

Date of update February 28, 2020

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