Virtual Co-op Fairs

In order to assist you in hiring your future employees, we organize an annual fair for our students involved in one of our co-op programs.

Virtual Co-op Fairs - EM Strasbourg

Choose the Students You Want to Meet 


From 2020, our School has redesigned job dating to provide you, in partnership with Seekube, with a new experience. We are offering you the opportunity to meet some of our students (from our Master’s Program and Programme Grande École) that you have preselected during 100% online sessions, in order to recruit them for a co-op placement.

Before the fairs, you can choose the candidates that meet your company's needs in order to meet only the ones that you are interested in. 



How Are Virtual Job Dating Sessions Organized with Seekube? 


Publish your virtual stand and your co-op openings. Then choose your available slots to plan the virtual meeting on the platform.
Choose the candidates you want to meet during the fair.
Conduct remote interviews and recruit the right candidate(s) for you.


A Real Asset for Your Recruitment 


You can meet a large number of candidates in a short period of time without going anywhere. Our teaching teams prepare students for this exercise by helping them to optimize their résumé and supporting them in developing their career path. 
This fair is a real opportunity to develop your employer brand among students looking for a company for their co-op placement.



Take Part in Our Virtual Fairs

Organized from May 2 to 13, 2022.


First fair: Programme Grande École 

You can take part in this virtual fair if you are looking for students in their final year of Programme Grande École who have already completed a year abroad at one of our 200 partner universities around the world.

The duration of the co-op or professional training contract is either 12 or 15 months.
These students with five years of higher education experience come from one of the following specializations: 

  • Accounting, Internal Controls, and Finance
  • Marketing
  • Negotiation and Sales Management
  • Strategy and Human Performance Management
  • Supply Chain Management and International Purchasing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Wine management and Tourism (in English)
  • Tourism Management (dual degree)
  • Marketing–Marketing and Event Management (dual degree)
  • Digital Marketing and Technology Management–E-marketing and Digital Strategy (dual degree)
  • Entrepreneurship–Business Creation, Development, and Consulting (dual degree)


Second fair: Master’s Program (first year and second year) 

You can take part in this virtual fair if you are looking for students in a master's program or from an engineering school. The duration of the co-op or professional training contract is 24 months (first-year and second-year master’s program) or 12 months (second-year master’s program).

These students with four or five years of higher education come from one of the following master’s programs: 

  • Master of Management (first year)
  • Master of Financial Control (second year)
  • Master of Marketing and Market Analysis (second year)
  • Master of Marketing and Event Management (second year)
  • Master of Business Creation, Development, and Consulting (second year)
  • Master of Supply Chain Management (second year)
  • Master of E-marketing and Digital Strategy (second year)
  • Master of European Management Studies (second year)
  • Master of Business Engineering (second year)
  • Master of Tourism Management (second year)
  • Master of Human Resources (second year)



A Team That Can Support You and Answer Your Questions 


Do you need information or would you like to participate in our virtual co-op program fairs? Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions: 


Bernadette Fischbach

Head of Corporate Relations Events Organization



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