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Global Talent Management & Social Responsibilities

  • Today, faced with the societal challenges of sustainable development, companies must proactively engage in implementing a CSR policy. Ethics and CSR in multinational firms remain two major cross-functional and emerging themes within an area comprising researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds. The opening up of markets and the development of emerging countries increase the diversity of local environments that multinationals may face. This situation leads to a reevaluation of the way global stakeholders take local specifics into account. In such a context, the internationalization of human resources appears to be a major theme that brings together several researchers within this focus.

Marketing & Digitalization

  • Research in the Marketing & Digitalization focus covers three main areas: customer experience, responsible consumption, and the adoption and use of digital technologies. These three topical issues capture the concerns of managers and organizations in the private and public sectors. In order to respond to the many challenges posed by orchestrating experience and implementing digital or responsible consumption, the Marketing & Digitalization focus promotes applied research in relation to the problems faced by companies in order to propose solutions to organizations.

Entrepreneurship and Management of Change

  • The research carried out in this focus across a wide variety of fields reveals original perspectives, both in terms of entrepreneurship and innovation and in terms of change management and structural steering. The richness of the perspectives mobilized and the knowledge accumulated over several years by our researchers in the fields of knowledge management, community and network dynamics, dynamic capacity management, non-deterministic innovation phenomena based on experimentation, diversity and circularity in companies, and even change in organizations, allow us to stake our claim in taking part in renewing the concepts that underpin our scientific corpus on management sciences. The research center’s current dynamic is based on developing the international dimension of research work and consolidating skills in research methodology.

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