E-marketing & Digital Strategy Specialization

PGE dual degree specializations: for one full year, develop your knowledge in the field of expertise of your choice and earn an additional master's degree.

La spécialisation en détails

In a Nutshell

  • Entry requirement

    Upon selection

  • Degree awarded

    Master's degree

  • Language

    French and English

  • Format

    Full Time / Co-op

  • Duration

    1 year


The E-marketing and Digital Strategy specialization is designed to produce experts who know how to mobilize and generate highly specialized knowledge in the digital field. This dynamic program of study provides an in-depth understanding of digital techniques and strategies based on data, innovative customer engagement, and emerging technologies. It also aims to understand the new uses of technology at both operational and strategic levels. Last but not least, it provides hands-on experience thanks to co-op and concrete projects carried out in collaboration with companies.

Objectives of the Specialization

  • Integrate digital approaches into marketing strategy.
  • Master the tools and methods of digital marketing.
  • Manage and organize information systems in companies in support of digital transformation.
  • Analyze the impact of information systems on management and strategy.
  • Develop your critical and analytical thinking on digital issues.

Strengths of the Specialization

A strategic vision of digital marketing

A teaching team composed of academic experts and experienced professionals

Co-op training, an effective way of gaining real professional experience

Part of a dual degree offer: earn a master’s degree in addition to your PGE master’s degree


Hard Skills

Digital strategy auditing

Digital strategy & digital marketing

Acquisition, conversion & loyalty strategy for web traffic

Digital marketing performance assessment

Digitalization impacts on management & strategy

Digital practices & resources intelligence

Soft Skills

Responsible leadership


Professional communication in foreign language(s)


Corporate social responsibility

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EM Strasbourg Business School, 61 avenue de la forêt-noire



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