Student Life Association (BDE)

Le Bureau des élèves c’est l’association qui rythme la vie étudiante du début à la fin de l’année. De nombreux évènements sont organisés afin de faciliter les rencontres et les échanges entre les étudiants de l’école !

Student Life Association (BDE) - EM Strasbourg



To set the pace of student life throughout the year.


Who is it for?

Programme Grande École (PGE) students



The BDE is the PGE’s flagship association. It sets the pace of student life from the beginning to the end of the year. The Student Life Association stands for strong values: responsibility, enthusiasm, and teamwork. Numerous events are organized to facilitate meetings and exchanges between the School’s students. Being involved in the BDE is a real springboard for gaining skills in the sphere of events. At EM Strasbourg, the gala and orientation weekend are organized by students. These are two major events that the whole school looks forward to every year!

Events organized

  • Orientation weekendThe orientation weekend, more commonly known as the WEI, is one of the biggest events organized by the BDE throughout the year. It brings together more than 500 students for three days of sharing. It takes place at the beginning of September, and marks the start of a great student experience.
  • Christmas dinnerEvery year before the holidays, the Christmas dinner is held at the School.
  • Skiing weekendIn cooperation with the Sports Association, the BDE organizes a skiing weekend every year, for both beginners and experienced skiers!
  • The galaThe gala is the other major event organized by the BDE. It brings together all the students of EM Strasbourg in a very chic atmosphere!
  • After-work meetupsThe BDE also invites you to its after-work meetups, to socialize after class and talk with other students in a friendly environment.


"If student life is important to you and you love organizing events, then join the BDE.”


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